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Rock, Scissors et Papier

Rock, Scissors et Papier is a great album of unreleased songs, surprising improvisations and duets (with Cliff Richard and Dylan's "In The Garden") plus studio recordings like "Positively Like A Servant" and others.

When these unreleased songs were discovered, the manufacture of the previously advertised CD was immediately halted and the contents of the album was changed.  It now has many more extra bonus tracks.

1. The Troubles (In Studio)
2. Be Careful What You Sign (With Band)
3. Lounge Lizard Sings Raindrops
4. Children of Lugoj (In Studio)
5. Rubie (With Band)
6. Center Of My Heart (With Band)
7. In The Garden (Dylan Song / Duet With Band)
8. Rock That Doesn't Roll (Duet With Cliff Richard)
9. Camel In A Needle's Eye (With Band)
10. What's Wrong With This Body (With LCG Choir)
11. Near
12. Positively Like A Servant (With Band)
13. Positively 4th Street (Dylan Song / With Band)
14. Soul On Fire (With Band)
15. Rachael And Me
16. I Love You (With Band)
17. Unborn Child (With Band)
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Very Best Of Larry Norman 45 Years (1956-2003) Volume 1

This album was created for release in  countries where Larry has only ever released a few titles through the stores.  It is much more succinct than any of the Essential albums, if brevity is your standard. It has an unseen photograph on the cover and a chronological order to the songs, in case you have always wondered which songs were written before others.  An excellent introduction to Larry Norman.

1.The Man From Galilee
2. Walking Backwards
3. Pardon Me
4. Riding High
5. Looking For The Footprints
6. Soul On Fire
7. Sitting In My Kitchen
8. Song Of Salvation
9. I Wish We'd All Been Ready
10. I Am A Servant
11. Sigrid Jane
12. The Outlaw
13. Why Don't You Look Into Jesus
14. Christmastime
15. Lonely By Myself
16. Peacepollutionrevolution
17. Righteous Rocker - slow version
18. U.F.O.
19. I've Searched All Around The World
20. Why Should The Devil Have All The Good Music
21. I'm The Six O'clock News
22. The Great American Novel
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The Very Best Of Larry Norman – Volume 2

Volume Two contains the remainder of Larry's very best songs, collected on two CDs for those who want it short and sweet.

What else needs to be said?

A perfect, complete collection??

1. Small Circle of Friends
2. Diamonds
3. One Way
4. Let That Tape Keep Rolling
5. Strong Love, Strange Peace
6. Six Sixty Six
7. Reader's Digest
8. Be Careful What You Sign
9. Shot Down
10. Watch what you're doing
11. Put Your Life Into His Hands
12. I Feel Like Dying
13. Hymn To The Last Generation
14. Messiah
15. The Rock That Doesn't Roll
16. God Part 3
17. Everybody Work
18. Twist And Shout
19. Shout
20. All The Way Home
21. Rock The Flock
22. Let The Rain Fall Down

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American Roots

Larry created a "red, white and blues" trilogy in 1976 to commemorate the Bi-Centennial of America's Independence. (Red = the labour force of America, White = the political dreams of both the North and the South and, finally, Blues = the songs which sprung forth from early urban life and mingled with jazz and gospel songs.)

In 1992 and 1993 Bob Dylan recorded two albums of early American music. In 1994 Johnny Cash recorded an album called "American Recordings" containing "roots" music from the same field that Larry and Dylan had harvested. And in 2000 The Coen brothers released the film, "Oh, Brother, Where Art Thou?" and the film soundtrack of American songs from the 20s and 30s exploded into the American consciousness. Solid Rock are now beginning to transfer tapes from his American Trilogy and putting them with other songs he has recorded. This is our first foray into this material.

1. Rubie - My Feet Are On The Rock
2. Down The Line *
3. Jesus On The Mainline
4. Country Church, Country People
5. Leave It Up To God To Handle *
6. Swing Low *
7. Lord, If I Got My Ticket Can I Ride *
8. Turn,Turn, Turn
9. Put Your Life In Jesus' Nail Scarred Hands *
10. Man Of Constant Sorrow
11. We Three Twogether
12. People Get Ready
13. When He Returns
14. Right Here In America
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The most exciting description I think we can give you is that "this is a new studio album by Larry Norman." It is very sensibly structured in its arrangements, like songs from Planet, Garden and Land. But on top he has added some extra things to his voice, like occasional vibrato and a very extensive vocal range. He is hitting high notes here that he never hit thirty years ago.

He calls this style "operadical poprock." He hasn't sung this well in years. It took Larry six months watching this recording grow in the painstaking way that the Solid Rock albums used to be put together.

1. Christmastime
2. The First Noel
3. Oh Little Town Of Bethlehem
4. Do You See What I See?
5. O Holy Night
6. Jingle Bell Rock
7. Medley: Carol Of The Bells And
Dance Of The Sugar Plum Fairies
(from The Nutcracker Suite)
8. Let There Be Peace On Earth
9. Angels We Have Heard On High
10. Christmastime Is Here
11. The Day That A Child Appeared
12. Auld Lang Syne
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The Tune CD-single


"The Tune" was written by Larry in 1971. During the next two years an author, from the town where Larry first performed this, wrote a book called "The Singer" and another book called "The Song." The books were gigantic sellers. And the biggest gospel artist from the Southern gospel end of Christian show biz (who shall remain nameless) took "The Tune", kept the tempo and the flavor and re-titled it "God Gave The Song." It was one of the biggest hits the artist had up until that point.

We thought it was time Christian radio stations heard the original. This is "The Tune" with a 45 piece orchestra. It has been available off and on in very limited quantities for years, but never presented officially to the gospel community.

So, here it is - all 11:49 minutes of it.

1. "The Tune"
2.  Look out for the “hard to find” edit piece which concluded the original recording featuring Larry’s raspy singing, an organ and smooth lead guitar work!  Try track 22!

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  And The Rampion Runs Wild
The Cottage Tapes - Book Two

Where The Woodbine Twineth (Cottage Tapes: Book One) was one of the most popular album releases. Now, we are finally releasing And The Rampion Runs Wild - which is BOOK TWO.

For those of you who have not been able to purchase a CD of Larry’s two excellent early 1970s classic albums “Street Level” and “Bootleg” on the One Way Record label - this is your opportunity to catch up with these rare recordings as most of the songs from The Cottage Tapes - Book Two are from the “Street Level” and “Bootleg” era.

Norman and Stonehill and a twenty (20) page booklet of new photos and intimate, personal text. Out of these 21 songs, SEVEN (7) of these have never even been released before. It is interesting to hear Uncle Rand during his earlier Stonehehillian days. We are sure you will enjoy this interesting package.

1. What Goes Thru Your Mind
2. Why Doncha Look Into Jesus?
3. I've Searced All Around
4. Sigrid Jane
5. She's A Dancer
6. Taking My Time
7. Six Sixty Six
8. Blue Shoes White
9. Even If You Don't Believe
10. Without Love You Are Nothing
11. With A Love Like Yours
12. Peacepollutionrevolution
13. Song For A Small Circle Of Friends

14. Dabbles / Pardon Me
15. Why Don't You Look Into Jesus
16. Lonely By Myself
17. I Am A Servant
18. Norman's Kitchen
19. Upside Down Outside My Mind
20. Talking Intro / Blue Shoes White
21. Forget Your Hexagram

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