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Essential Series CD 1

Instigator collects the very best songs written in the 50s and the 60s. This new CD contains some music which has never been heard before. Perhaps the most famous track which has never been released is "Butterfly". But "Kulderachna" and others are also included, making this a truly "best of" collection of recordings.

1. Lonely Boy
2. Born To Be Unlucky
3. Moses In The Wilderness
4. Hard Luck, Bad News
5. Walking Backwards Down The Stairs
6. Pardon Me - single version
7. Soul Survivor
8. Looking For The Footprints
9. Baroquen Spirits - single version
10. I Don't Believe In Miracles
11. Sigrid Jane - shorter version
12. I Am A Servant - single version
13. Nothing Really Changes-single edit
14. Strong Love, Strange Peace
15. Ha Ha World
16. Forget Your Hexagram
17. Feeling So Bad - single Euro edit
18. Let That Tape Keep Rolling
19. I Think I Love You
20. With A Love Like Yours
21. Up In Canada - 1973 single version
22. Lonely By Myself - single version
23. Christmastime - shorter single edit
24. Butterfly - unreleased studio recording
25. Kulderachna - unreleased studio recording

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Agitator - The Essential Larry Norman

Essential Series CD 2

Loaded with 24 songs, this special release is a harvest of plenty. It includes music that is out-of-print (no longer available on CD) plus some unreleased songs which have never been heard before.
The "standout tracks" are previously unreleased songs: "People In My Past," "Silver Angels" and original "God Part 2" from 1971.

1. Sweet Song Of Salvation
2. You Can't Take Away The Lord
3. I Wish We'd All Been Ready
4. What Goes Thru Your Mind
5. Even If You Don't Believe
6. Taking My Time
7. Lonely By Myself
8. Righteous Rocker
9. Song For A Small Circle Of Friends
10. Why Don't You Look Into Jesus
11. Diamonds
12. One Way
13. Peacepollutionrevolution
14. U.F.O.
15. I've Searced All Around
16. Six Sixty Six
17. Why Should The Devil Have All The Good Music?
18. The Great American Novel
19. Reader's Digest
20. Be Careful What You Sign
21. Nightmare
22. Sweet Silver Angels - undocumented recording
23. God Part 2 - original version 1971
24. People In My Past - original recording
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Essential Series CD 4

From Larry's planned future release
"SCALPEL" (and his now-to-be unfinished) CD. The "stand-out" tracks are three collaborations written by Softcore guitarist Charles Norman and lead singer Blix with variable lyrics by Larry. "Jesus Is God," "Don't Want To Be Like You" and "Perfect World."  They performed together at Cornerstone 2001 and also collaborated on Tourniquet.

With two other unusual songs which haven't been on a Larry Norman album before, these five central studio recordings plus other collaborative efforts create an overall picture of the kind of work which Larry has recorded with his brother Charles.

1. God Part 3
2. I Want It All (never released previously)
3. Father Of All
4. Turn
5. Step Into The Madness
6. Rock The Flock
7. In The Garden
8. Dangerous Place
9. Protect My Child
10. All The Way Home
11. Living In The 20th Century
12. Feed The Poor
13. I Will Survive
14. Let Rain Fall
15. Down To The Water
16. Perfect World
17. Don't Wanna Be Like You
18. Jesus Is God

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Essential Series CD 7

This CD is also essential. It includes unreleased bonus tracks, radio single edit versions, Euro cuts and versions not available elsewhere. Also Includes the never-before-released radio single version of "The Tune."
The standout tracks are "One Star Remains" and "Epitaph."

1 Dark Passage
2 Bombs Remixed
3 If God Is My Father
4 Messiah
5 Keeper 4 My Heart
6 If You Don't Love The Lord
7 I've Got To Learn - video edit
8 Why Can't You Be Good
9 Out Of My System
10 Stop This Flight - original demo
11 What's Wrong With This Body
12 Baby Out Of Wedlock - w / Beam
13 Watch What You're Doing
14 One Star Remains
15 The Tune
16 Epitaph

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Infiltrator - Essential 6

The sixth volume of Essential goes on a journey - the search for love, the need for forgiveness. We have never released "Waves of Grace" before. A few others have never been released on CD before. This is a beautiful album. Larry usually only sings about the love relationship once or twice on an album, if at all. This is a whole album about it.

1. Oh Lydia
2. Righteous Rocker - Fast Version
3. She's A Dancer
4. I Don't Wanna Lose You - Video Synch Version
5. Deep Blue - Studio version
6. A Camel In A Needle's Eye - Alternate Version
7. The Same Old Story - Alternate Vocal Version 2
8. A Keeper For My Heart - Edited Version
9. He Really Loves You - American Version
10. A Woman Of God - extended Alternate Studio Version
11. Somewhere Out There - Edited Version
12. Baby's Got The Blues - European Edit
13. Hide His Heart - European Edit
14. Center Of My Heart - Studio Version
15. Love Is A Commitment - European Version
16. Waves Of Grace - (Never Released by Solid Rock Before)
17. Stranger Won't You Change - (Never Released by Solid Rock Before)
18. Endless Life Of Dreams
19. Talkin' 'Bout Love - (Unreleased Commercial Length Edit)
20. A Woman Of God - (Very Rare Version of Alternate Concept)

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Liberator - Essential 3 

The third volume of Essential comes loaded with great songs. This CD digs into the personal and emotional side of Larry's compositions. These songs are about the struggle to be free. We live in bondage to our jobs, to the pain of our early years, to difficult relationships. Larry writes about the need to be liberated, both through Christ and through self-permission. There's a fair bit of humour in some of these songs, and spiritual joy despite to human ordeal.

1. My Feet Are On The Rock
2. Country Church, Country People
3. When All My Dreams Are Ending
4. Sitting In Kitchen - San Francisco Version
5. Soul On Fire - San Francisco Version
6. Blue Shoes White - Unreleased Version
7. Hymn To The Last Generation
8. Come Away
9. If You Don't Love Lord
10. Letters To The Church - Bi-Polarized Version
11. Here Comes The King - European version
12. You Shall Be Saved - Studio Version
13. When The Son Comes Back - Edited Version
14. Children of Lugoj - Unreleased Edited Version
15. Down The Line - Unreleased Video Synch Version
16. Give It Up (Never Released on CD Before)
17. Everybody Work (Never Released on CD Before)
18. Leave It Up To God To Handle (Unreleased Edit)

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  Emancipator - Essential 5

Almost 80 minutes of the best of Larry both solo and with band - in the studio.

There are FOUR (4) bonus tracks on this Essential collection, and one of them features Larry and Randy in the studio singing "He Is A Friend Of Mine." Another spotlights Larry and Randy on stage together singing "I Love You."

1. The Man From Galilee
2. Riding High
3. Nightmare # 49
4. Be Careful What You Sign
5. The Outlaw
6. Shot Down
7. The Sun Began To Rain
8. Watch What You're Doing
9. Letters To The Church
10. Galaxy
11. It's Only Today That Counts (Slow)
12. Under The Eye
13. Put Your Life Into His Hands
14. White Trash Stomp
15. Goodbye Farewell - Live
16. Selah
17. The Troubles

18. He Is A Friend - Randy & Larry in Studio
19. I Love You -Randy & Larry - Live
20. Is God Dead
21. Dear Malcolm, Dear Alwyn

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