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Upon This Rock (2 CDs)

Special Edition of the Larry album that started it all. This 2 CD set is the "Impact" version plus 6 bonus tracks on Disc 1. Disc 2 contains the original Powerline Radio Show in 1970 with some previously unheard songs from Larry's musicals.

Disc One:
1. You Can't Take Away The Lord
2. I Don't Believe In Miracles
3. Moses In The Wilderness
4. Walking Backwards Down The Stairs
5. Ha Ha World
6. Sweet Sweet Song Of Salvation
7. Forget Your Hexagram
8. The Last Supper
9. I Wish We'd All Been Ready
10. Nothing Really Changes
11. Postlude
1. You Can't Take Away The Lord (demo)
2. Ha Ha World (demo)
3. I Don't Believe In Miracles (demo)
4. Nothing Really Changes (demo)
5. The Day That A Child Appeared(demo)
6. Country Church, Country People (demo)

Disc Two:
Tracks 1 t0 13 - Powerline Radio Show
Tracks 14 to 33 - Lion's Breath Interview with the following songs:
15. Strong Love, Strange Peace
17. Lost Kids (Song for the Runaways)
19. We All (The Crash Pad)
21. The Prayer Meeting
23. I'm So Glad I Know You
25. Clean Lennon
27. Is God Dead?
Also includes a 28 page full color booklet with info about Larry's early years and the recording of this landmark album.

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Only Visiting This Planet (The Complete Trilogy)

Larry has been working on The Complete Trilogy for three years. It was supposed to be released on vinyl in 1978 but Word Records blocked it. This is a brand new e.q. and mastering of this 1972 album. And we have released six bonus tracks in total. Two of them have never been heard before.

1. I've Got To Learn To Live Without You
2. The Outlaw
3. Why Don't You Look Into Jesus
4. Righteous Rocker #1
5. I Wish We'd All Been Ready
6. I Am The Six O'Clock News
7. The Great American Novel
8. Pardon Me
9. Why Should The Devil Have All The Good Music
10. Reader's Digest

11. Peacepollutionrevolution (Radio Single)
12. Righteous Rocker (Hard Rock Version)
13. The Outlaw (Roots Remake)
14. Reader's Digest (Roots Rock Remake)
15. Righteous Rocker (Unreleased Version)
16. The Great American Novel (Unreleased Version)

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So Long Ago The Garden

Part Two of The Trilogy
When first released, Garden caused quite a stir in the gospel community. They said that Larry was naked and that this was proof he had fallen away from God.  The Christian press mercilessly attacked him and his concerts were cancelled.  When absence from stage he started Solid Rock Records to produce others.  Some people he helped with their personal life and brought them to a converted lifestyle.  Keith Green and Larry could not work together so Larry let him go. Randy Stonehill was the next artist and Larry produced a top rate album for him.

During this time, Larry had also started a Bible Study in his living room only for musicians and actors.  After six months, "The Vineyard" was chosen as a name.  Still Bible bookstores refused to carry most of his albums.

Garden brought Larry respect and acceptance from less judgmental people. Dylan heard Planet and Garden and started going to The Vineyard for Bible study. Tower Records ran out of stock of both albums. They received rave critical reviews from the secular press. This is one of Larry's greatest albums-rebalanced, re-equalized and remastered.

1. Fly Fly Fly (B-Side Single)
2. The Same Old Story (Single Version)
3. Lonely By Myself
4. Be Careful What You Sign
5. Baroquen Spirits (Single Version)
6. Christmastime
7. She's A Dancer
8. Soul Survivor
9. Nightmare #71
10. Up In Canada (1973 Single)
11. Soul Survivor (alternate version)
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In Another Land

Part Three of The Trilogy
When it was first released this was one of the most popular christian rock albums throughout the world .

When you listen to it you'll see why.  dcTalk, Audio Adrenaline, Grammatrain, Geoff Moore, Big Tent Revival and almost 400 other artists have recorded songs from this and Norman's other albums. 

In Another Land set sales records and Norman received a Lifetime Achievement Award from Christian Artists Seminar for this and other important music that he wrote.

1. The Rock That Doesn't Roll
2. I Love You (with Randy Stonehill)
3. U.F.O.
4. I've Searched All Around
5. Righteous Rocker #3
6. If God Is My Father
7. Look Into Jesus
8. I Am A Servant
9. The Sun Began To Rain
10. Shot Down
11. Six Sixty Six
12. Diamonds
13. One Way
14. Song For A Small Circle Of Friends
15. Hymn To The Last Generation
16. Looking For The Footprints (with heavy band)
17. Strong Love, Strange Peace (with orchestra)
18. Dreams On A Grey Afternoon (with piano)
19. Let That Tape Keep Rolling (live)
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Something New Under The Son

Larry Norman, brother Charles and friend Jason have rebalanced the tracks, given them brand new equalizations, trimmed the drop offs and even corrected a few rhythm problems to make this re-release of Something New as shiny as possible.

Larry went all the way back to the original masters of the album.  The initial distributors never used the original tapes. They were sent "dubs" and told Larry they weren't interested in such a negative, non-Christian album such as this.  Then five years later decided they would release it. But Larry was in Europe and they didn't have the original master tapes.

Larry has even included the eight minute / thirty six second extended play tape he made back in 1976. This is Solid Rock at the height of its power, and the bottom of its heart.  This album has never sounded so good.

1. Hard Luck Bad News
2. Feeling So Bad
3. I Feel Like Dying
4. Born To Be Unlucky
5. Watch What You're Doing
6. Leaving The Past Behind
7. Put Your Life Into His Hands
8. Nightmare #97
9. Let That Tape Keep Rolling ('69 Bio Version)
10. Twelve Good Men
11. It's Only Today That Counts
12. Watch What You're Doing (8:36 version)
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Larry's latest studio album of brand new written songs. Described as “another major work in the making and perhaps Larry's deepest, most articulate album ever”

These songs prove that Larry is still writing provocative music with brainy lyrics which examine the social sins and holes in the souls of American lifestyles, the idealism of the chaste Christian walk and the joy of letting your light shine bright.

Larrys said, “Tourniquet is something you put on your arm or your leg and you twist to stop bleeding. We’re wounded in life but God applies a tourniquet to save us so all our wounds can heal.”

A trendy heavily layered production style with grungy electric guitars and quirky keyboards.

1. Turn
2. Endless Life Of Dreams
3. Center Of My Heart
4. Rock The Flock
5. It's All Right
6. Love Is The Reason
7. Feed The Poor
8. Father Of All
9. Near

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Stranded In Babylon - The Extra-Length European Version

Although never officially released in America through the stores because of Larry's heart attack in 1992, this album WAS released in Europe and was named "ALBUM OF THE YEAR" by all of the critics and Christian rock journals. For those who thought Larry had lost his gift for music because of the airplane accident, this album was quite a surprise. Stranded In Babylon has been widely regarded as "the modern equal to Only Visiting This Planet."

1. Oh Lydia
2. God Part 3
3. Come Away
4. Hide His Heart
5. Step Into The Madness
6. Love Is A Commitment
7. I Will Survive
8. All The Way Home
9. Baby's Got The Blues
10. A Dangerous Place To Be
11. White Trash Stomp
12. Let The Rain Fall Down
13. Under The Eye

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Profit from all Solid Rock CD's sold in the UK will go towards Larry's Compassion and Christian Children's Fund.
At the moment Solid Rock is responsible for 24 children.

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