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Randy Stonehill - Born Twice

This has never been digitized and released onto a CD before by Larry. Solid Rock is proud to present Larry's introduction of a new artist onto the scene. Randy Stonehill was a convert who Larry had discovered through his sister Nancy. Stonehill had only written three songs at the time and they were all "novelty" songs. Larry let Randy live with him for a year and go to the "Solid Rock University." (Larry's method of teaching people with potential how to write songs.) Randy didn't really "graduate" until 1976 because he "dropped out" in 1971. But his eventual return in 1975 started the process again and he "graduated" with the release of the "Welcome To Paradise." album.

Side One of Born Twice contains Randy's "Summer school" performances on stage as Larry's protégée, edited together, after a year of having no original material of his own. He had been appearing and performing, unannounced, in the middle of Larry's sets to perform two of Larry's songs and trying to learn how to overcome stage-fright and awkwardness. Side One shows Randy relying on non-original material, except occasionally, and Side Two shows Randy's first foray into the recording studio as a "solo artist."
Side Two contains 3 Larry Norman compositions and his background vocals, instrumental participation and "special effects" contributions, interpreted well by Randy (evidenced in "Passing Stranger," "Norman's Kitchen," and "Christmastime") and some happy, rocking compositions of his own such as "Thank You," "Never
Can Repay," "I Love You", etc.

A great foretelling of things to come in Randy's musical life.

1. I Need You
2. Hand In The Hand
3. He's Got The Whole World
4. Help Me Lord
5. Thank You
6. Never Can Repay
7. All Right Now
8. Passing Stranger
9. I Love You
10. Norman's Kitchen

11. Sunset Road To Nowhere
12. Christmastime

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Randy Stonehill - Live At Greenbelt

Larry took Randy with him to Europe on a "coat-tails tour" and introduced Randy to his established audiences. After producing "Welcome To Paradise" Larry booked him onto the main stage at Greenbelt, paid for a 24-track mobile truck studio multi-track recording of Randy's major debut to the European festival-goers and produced Randy's set, sound, lighting and even Randy's wardrobe and allowed it to be filmed for BBC television release. It made Randy a major Christian Artist in Europe.

This CD captures that moment and crystallizes Randy's metamorphosis from solo artist to musical celebrity.

Larry even brought the dessert with his surprise appearance to close out the show.

This 12 Track CD contains liner notes by Larry explaining the gestation factors in the development of different artists and giving great respect to Randy for his hard work and creativity and suggesting that the Christian community should start re-evaluating Randy's contribution and treat him with respect, especially bootleggers.

After all these years, Randy Stonehill is still creating new music and is viable as a source of original composition and playful innovation.

1. Intro
2. One True Love
3. Keep Me Running
4. Teen King
5. Lung Cancer Lament
6. Venezuela
7. Through The Glass Darkly
8. Conversant
9. The Great American Novel
10. You Really Got Me
11. Trouble Coming
12. Let That Tape Keep Rolling

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Randy Stonehill - "Decade"

75+ minutes of Randy Stonehill's best compositions & Larry Norman's arrangements and productions at One Way and Solid Rock. This fascinating album includes four never-released studio recordings produced by Larry for Randy's 1979 secular cross-over presentations - six bonus tracks in total.

In total, it includes Randy's best music from "Born Twice", "Welcome To Paradise", "The Sky Is Falling" and "Live at Greenbelt".They are his best recordings from 1970 to 1980. (plus the 6 bonus tracks.)

1. Strange Youth
2. I Love You - original version
3. Jamey's Got The Blues
4. Alright Now
5. Lately Mary
6. One True Love
7. News For You
8. Lung Cancer Lament
9. Keep Me Running
10. Christmas Song
11. Puppet Strings
12. First Prayer
13. Good News - live
14. King Of Hearts - with orchestra
15. Safe In Your Arms - unreleased studio recording
16. Hide Me In Your Love - unreleased studio recording
17. Chinatown - unreleased studio recording
18. Norman's Kitchen - a biographical tale

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Randy Stonehill - "Welcome To Paradise"

Larry Norman produced this album for Randy Stonehil.  It was voted the No3 Top Contemporary Christian Album by CCM Magazine. This is considered Randy's best album by critics and fans alike.  Stonehill wrote King of Hearts, Lung Cancer lament and Keep Me Runnin' which clearly demonstrate his ability to be hilarious, poetically sensitive and all out, straight ahead with his rock numbers. The traditional song "Good News" is given new life in this version. This album is an important cornerstone to modern Christian music. Bonus tracks include Norman and Stonehill writing an unreleased song, "Heart Lock."  An all time CCM classic.

1. King Of Hearts
2. Keep Me Runnin'
3. The Winner (High Card)
4. Lung Cancer
5. Puppet Strings
6. First Prayer
7. I've Got News For You
8. Song For Sarah
9. Christmas Song For All Year 'Round
10. Good News
Bonus Tracks:
11. News For You (original demo)
12. Heart Lock (never released)

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Randy Stonehill - Edge of the World                

"What have Randy Stonehill and Larry Norman recorded lately - Well, nothing this last year, but the year before they collaborated by digital magic on "We Were All So Young."

The Edge of the World was released by this Grammy nominated artist as his most recent opus. He covers a lot of ground, lyrically, on this stirring album.

"The unquestioned sentimental highlight of the album is the nostalgic reminiscing of "We Were All So Young," featuring Larry Norman, Barry McGuire, Phil Keaggy, Annie Herring, Noel Paul Stookey, Russ Taff, and all lend their talents to this stirring anthem recalling the innocence and zeal of those heady days."

1. Dare To Believe
2. That's The Way It Goes
3. We Were All So Young
4. Jayney
5. Take Me Back
6. All I Know
7. Hey, Pauline
8. Edge Of The World
9. Last Song For Michael
10. Far, Far
11. Prisoner Of Hope      

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Randy Stonehill - "Get Me Out Of Hollywood"

Randy recorded this album in England at Air Studios, in the same suite that Planet and Garden were recorded in. It has that same warm sound. It's not a gospel album but you can see the future Randy shining through and in that aspect it is a nice historical document of Randy's evolution as a person and as a creative composer.

Beautifully recorded by Bill Price, who also recorded many other great English artists (including The Beatles and later America). It was produced by Jon Miller & Co.

This album really gets into the heart of Randy's early days. With the same talent he still shows, this album swings from mellow to up tempo, serious to silly in the vacillating tradition you've all come to know and love.

If you like Randy's other albums, you will like this one too.

1. Get Me Out Of Hollywood
2. Back To California
3. Lately Mary
4. Jamey's Blues
5. Puppet String
6. Strange Youth
7. Strangest Feeling
8. East Coast Lady
9. One Man's Blues
10. Vegetables
11. Blind Minstrel         

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Daniel Amos - "Horrendous Disc"

For hard-core Daniel Amos fans, no amount of superlatives can do justice to this album. To them, this legendary recording was the pinnacle of DA's coolness.
Albums came and went. Even a four-part apocalyptic "concept album" couldn't somehow catch the vision that Horrendous Disc presented. This one album maximized their popularity with the general public who were soon left behind.  The hard work of CCM journalists like John Quincy Newcombe kept the term "genius" and Terry Taylor in many reader's minds..

Terry became a well respected muse for the underground Christian sub-culture. He not only made fascinating music with DA, The Swirling Eddies, and The Lost Dogs but he became the producer for many other artist's projects. He is still revered today as much as he was in the Eighties.

This CD contains all 9 original songs released on the U.S. Version. The extensive CD booklet contains some unseen photos plus liner notes that delve into the behind-the-scenes drama of what has been a subject of wild speculation for the last 20 years. Drama, intrigue, mystery.

1. I Love You #19
2. Hound Of Heaven
3. Near-sighted girl w/ approaching Tidal Wave
4. Sky King (Out Across The Sky)
5. On The Line
6. I Believe In You
7. Man In The Moon
8. Never Leave You
9. Horrendous Disc

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Randy Stonehill - The Sky Is Falling

The Sky Is Falling has been out of print for years. This is a re-issue with a new booklet, new photos, brand new e.q. and new mastering done with new technology. This sounds great and these thirteen songs are among some of Randy's most significant compositions. "Postcards From The Heart" was recorded during The Sky Is Falling Sessions. It is about Randy's parents. "King of Hearts" is the full orchestra version which Randy wanted to make. The rock version was released instead. This is that orchestral version. "Good News" is from the audio-synch version of the movie the BBC released. Larry produced the session and organized the booking and has the 24 track 2" tapes of it. He hopes to release the entire Stonehill and Band concert by next year.

1. One True Love
2. Through The Glass Darkly
3. Teen King (Alternate Mix)
4. The Great American Cure
5. Venezuela
6. Counterfeit King (Alternate Mix)
7. Jamey's Got The Blues
8. Bad Fruit
9. Emily
10. Trouble Coming
11. Postcards From The Heart
12. King Of Hearts (Orchestral Version)
13. Good News (Live From Greenbelt Festival)

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