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  The Norman Invasion

This CD contains many songs Larry performed on his European 2001 tour. Five (5) of these songs have never been recorded by Larry in the studio before. Because he had a sense that this would be his last tour to Europe, and because his sisters and Michael were also on the tour, night after night Larry went out of his way to try to make each concert as different as possible, digging into his song bag for his rarest compositions and a lot of unreleased music.

1. Introduction a la Compere
2. I Dance Before The Throne
3. Walking Backwards Down The Stairs
4. Marvin David Walter Lincoln Jones
5. I Don't Believe In Miracles
6. Magical Misery Tour
7. She Had Me By The Hair
8. Twist And Shout
9. Yesterday
10. Ed Sullivan and The Beatles
11. Wouldn't It Be Loverly
12. Blue Shoes White
13. Pardon Me
14. Half Day In Carshalton
15. Soul On Fire
16. Sitting In My Kitchen
17. You Can Save Me
18. The First Time
19. A Song Won't Stop The World
20. Leave It Up To God
21. Messiah
22. The Children of Lugoj
23. Feed The Poor
24. It's Only Today That Counts

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Snowblind  - The Norman Invasion!

What happens when you combine a Norman with a Mormon? Larry came walking into Utah with no posse and no agenda.

He free-formed his solo concert this particular night and it was dramatically different from his usual performances. He even improvised at length at the piano, something he almost never did. 

This is Larry at his best solo, guitar, piano and chat -as we all remember him so well.

1. Why Don't You Look Into Jesus
2. I Hope I'll See You In Heaven
3. Messiah
4. Six Sixty Six
5. Playing Checkers
6. Moses
7. One Way
8. If The Bombs Fall
9. Strong Love, Strange Peace
10. And We Sing The Tune
11. The Tune
12. I Am A Servant      
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Road Rage - On Tour In The Old World

This is the very best of Larry's appearances in Europe with a band. He toured there for twenty five years and was one of the first American gospel artists ever to sing at Kamperland and Flevoland. He then was able to take Randy and Daniel Amos over to Europe and introduce them to the people of The Netherlands.

This is probably Larry's best sounding live band album ever. Some of these songs were from an album of his that was the biggest selling live gospel album in Europe. These are the best performances of his appearances in that region of the world. 

The songs span across Larry's singing career—from the 1960s to recent times.

1. My Feet Are On The Rock
2. Shot Down
3. Twelve Good Men
4. Six Sixty Six
5. Why Don't You Look Into Jesus
6. Sweet Song of Salvation
7. Everybody Work
8. Twist
9. Twist And Shout
10. Bombs
11. The Rock That Doesn't Roll
12. Let The Rain Fall Down
13. Be Careful What You Sign
14. Why Should The Devil Have All The Good Music?
15. I Wish We'd All Been Ready/U.F.O.
16. Messiah

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Restless In Manhatten

"If you were part of the "Jesus Revolution" then this perfectly captures those street level days.

Larry was virtually the only Christian artist with a secular record deal.  He came to New York for a week and did three solo/guitar concerts.

When he wasn't singing he was walking around Times Square witnessing to the prostitutes and the disenfranchised kids. 

An amazing CD which begins and ends with a prayer.  This is a powerful concert and an unusual experience for those who have only witnessed Larry's performances during the Eighties and Nineties. Comes with an insightful 16 page booklet, photos.

1. Intro / Prayer
2. U.F.O.
3. The Vicissitudes of Religion
4. Why Should the Devil (slow)
5. One Way (played on guitar)
6. Up in Canada (slow)
7. Blue Shoes White
8. Culture and Christ
9. Song for a Small Circle of Friends
10. Miracles (rock ballad version)
11. Is There Something More?
12. Pianissimo Ridiculouso
13. You Knew What You Were Doing
14. Center of the Universe
15. Diamonds
16. Strong Love, Strange Peace
17. Why Don't You Look into Jesus
18. Righteous Rocker, Holy Roller #1
19. I Wish We'd All Been Ready
20. Prayer
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Live At The Elsinore

What do you think when you find out that an artist has performed a long evening of music and it is available on CDs before you even leave the theatre? High Tech Larry was probably the first Christian artist to have a multi-platformed website. He was the first Christian artist to set up his albums for release on CDs (and then withdrew, knowing that few Christian music lovers could afford the $1200-$2,200 cost of this new technology.) He had earlier been the first Christian artist to make a scenario-rock video years before MTV ever came into existence.

But in most cases, in later years, it has been Charles who has created the tech-face aspect of Larry's career.

Larry decided the Elsinore concert should be available right after the show. But it was Charles and Jason who actually made it possible. In fact, Charles would have been on stage more often during the concert if he had not been operating the equipment, running the multi-media film presentation, overseeing the video crew, and many other unseen elements in the presentation of the concert, along with Jason Carter, Kristin Stavang and Silver.

If "it takes a village" to raise a child, it now takes a group of family and friends to create the operation which Larry is part of. After years of feeling alone in his career and being a leader, Larry says he is more than happy to be part of something and be "ensconced in a tribe."

Live At The Elsinore is available on a double CD set. Larry performs as a solo artist, sings with his sister in a guitar, mandolin and banjo segment, sings with a group of blind singers from Africa, then does an acoustic set with W.C. Handy Blues Award Nominee, Mark Lemhouse with Gary Pomeroy (People! 2) on guitar, then with the whole band. Special surprise guest Frank Black of The Pixies joins the band and plays out the rest of the concert with Larry and the two even switch off lead vocals on "Watch What You're Doing".

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70 Miles From Lebanon DVD 

Larry's first DVD release ever!

If you weren't one of the several hundred people who flew in to Oregon from all over the planet, now you can observe the final concert with a bird's eye-view. It shows Larry on stage with his brother Charles and his sister Nancy, Kristin and his son Mike, plus additional guest musicians. Songs include "Follow The Drinking Gourd," "You Gotta Quit Kicking My Dog Around," "The Outlaw," U.F.O." - to mention a few. The DVD also includes excerpts from the party / dinner which was held afterward. Including the Larryoke contest and the dinner guests sitting at tables.


70 Miles From Lebanon CD

This brand new factory pressing was made specifically for stores. (It is a shorter version of Larry's final concert in Oregon.) This CD is the soundtrack from that 2003 concert. What it contains is good music performed by Larry and a small army of guests, and very little talking on this factory pressing.

1. The Great American Novel
2. God Part 3
3. The Outlaw
4. U.F.O.
5. Six Sixty Six
6. Song For A Small Circle Of Friends
7. Don't Turn It Up
8. I Wish We'd All Been Ready
9. You Gotta Quit Kickin' My Dog Around
10. Follow The Drinking Gourd
11. A Sin To Dance
12. My Feet Are On The Rock
13. The Rock That Doesn't Roll - sing along
14. The End
15. Why Don't You Look Into Jesus - finale

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